Wings Plan Features Comparison

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Core HR Yes 
Employee Information Management Yes 
 An extensive employee database as a system of recordYes 
 20 plus employee data categoriesYes 
 Reporting Hierarchy with Org ChartYes 
 Employee DirectoryYes 
 Employee Assets TrackingNo 
Know your Employee (KYE) Yes 
 Store various employee identity informationYes 
 Track verified status (Aadhar verified, PAN verified, etc.)No 
 Easy online facility to collect identity dataNo 
Letters Yes 
 Employee letter preparation in a few clicksYesRestricted to 5 - Addr Proof, Confirmation, Appointment, Relieving, Salary Cert
 Automatic Serial NumberingYes 
 Emailing and Automatic letter filing in Employee RecordsYes 
 Custom fields for maximum flexibilityNo 
 Letter gallery with prebuilt formatsNo 
Employee documents management No 
 Store digital or scanned copies of employee's documentsNo 
 Online access to all issued letters and documentsNo 
 Bulk document uploadNo 
 Antivirus scanning for all uploaded documentsNo 
 Automatic filing of generated letters to the Document StoreYes 
 Publish all company Policies & Employee HandbookYes 
 Group-wise targeting of published documentsNo 
 Publish all commonly required forms & templatesNo 
Employee Communication Yes 
 Communication to groups of employees by mail / SMSYesRestricted to 50 SMS per month
 Online record of all corporate communication to employeesYes 
Reminders & Alerts Yes 
 Automated greeting cardsYes 
 Highly customizable reminders and alerts systemNo 
 100+ pre-built system and employee lifecycle eventsNoLimited
 Fully configurable notification templates (mail, SMS, etc.)NoNo SMS
 Notifications by email & social feedsNo 
 SMS & mobile push notificationsNo 
HR Reports Yes 
 Extensive labour law reportsYes 
 Readymade HR MIS reportsYes 
 User-defined & adhoc reportsNoLimited & Pre-Defined Reports
Dashboards No 
 Configurable, Analytical DashboardsNo 
 Operational DashboardsNo 
 HR & CEO DashboardsYes 
Payroll Yes 
Configurable salary structure Yes 
 Highly customizable salary structure for any industryYes 
 Unlimited salary componentsNoLimited but covers full Payroll Functionality
 Off the shelf building blocks for complex payroll scenariosNo 
Payroll inputs Yes 
 Salary AnalyticsNo 
 One time payment and deductionsYes 
 Full-fledged Arrears processingYes 
 Final SettlementsYes 
 LOP & LOP reversalsYes 
 Stop payment with release featureYes 
 Automatic leave & attendance inputs from other greytHR modulesYes 
Reimbursements No 
 Extensive reimbursement configurationsNo 
 Monthly / Annual entitlementsNo 
 Claim processing with limit checkingNo 
 Excess claims tracking and set-off featureNo 
Loans & salary advances Yes 
 Manage many company loans to employeesYes 
 Fixed-rate interest, EMI, No interest, Reducing balance optionsYes 
 Auto calculation and deductions in payrollYes 
 Pause loan deductions for a specified periodYes 
 Automatic closure on completion of repaymentYes 
 Ability to report on Principal and Interest portionsYes 
 Loan prepayment and baloon payment featuresYes 
 Automatic calculation of loan PerquisiteYes 
Statutory Compliances Yes 
 PF calculations with ECR generationYes 
 ESI computationsYes 
 Profession Tax with all state specific rules built inYes 
 Comprehensive TDS (IT) calculationsNo 
 Digitally signed Form 16 generationNo 
 Easy Form 24Q generation & automatic FVU validationNo 
 Bonus calculations and reportingYes 
 Labour Welfare fund calculation and deductionsYes 
Payroll processing Yes 
 Single click payroll processYes 
 Guided payroll processing with checklistYes 
 Lock feature to close payroll processingYes 
Verification and Reconciliations Yes 
 Extensive reconciliations toolsNo 
 Payroll comparison and difference analysisYes 
 Highly customizable salary register and payroll statementsNo 
 Easy export to Excel facilityNo 
Accounts JV No 
 Inbuilt formats for Tally and QBONo 
 Highly configurable Accounts JV with split by Cost Center/employeesNo 
 Extensive Excel output capabilitiesNo 
Payout and Disbursements Yes 
 Handle multiple payment modes - Cash, Cheque, Bank TransferYes 
 All major bank transfer electronic formats built-inNo 
 Facility to release payments in batchesNo 
 Facility to track status for Cash and Cheque paymentsYes 
Payslip generation & distribution Yes 
 Payslip gallery with multiple payslip formatsNo 
 One-click payslip distributionYes 
 Distribute by mail, employee portal or mobileYes 
 Separate Reimbursement payslipsNo 
 Download payslips into a single or multiple PDF filesNo 
Payroll Reports Yes 
 Reconciliation reportsNo 
 MIS reportsNoLimited
 Adhoc report builderNo 
 Customizable Payroll Statement / Salary Register / Wage RegisterNo 
 Reports under Shops & Establishment Acts of various statesYes 
 Reports under CLRA Act of various StatesNo 
 Profession Tax reportsYes 
 Digitally signed Form 16 and Form 24Q files with FVU validationNo 
Leave Management No 
Fully Customizable Leave Policies No 
 Multiple leave policies for different group of employeesNoOnly EL, PTL, ML & LOP without auto-grant
 Unlimited leave types (Annual, privilege, maternity, etc.)No 
 Supports multiple types of leave transactionsYes 
 Customizable leave policy for each leave typeNo 
 Holiday ListsYes 
 Restricted (optional) holidays supportNo 
Manage balance and transactions No 
 Automatic tracking of leave balancesYes 
 Easy year end processing (lapsing, carry-forward, etc.)YesDefault Leave Year Jan-Dec
 Online leave application and reviewYes 
Attendance Yes 
Swipe Capture from varied sources No 
 Integration with attendance recording devicesNo 
 Online attendance markingYesMark Attendance
 Mobile attendance markingYesMark Attendance
 Geo FencingNo 
 Geo Mark +No 
 Face Recognition KioskNo 
Extensive Shift Management No 
 Support for multiple shiftsYesRestricted to 3 Shifts
 Shift management with automatic rotationNo 
 Easy shift rostering by line managers for their teamsNo 
 Sophisticated business rules for attendance exceptionsNo 
Highly configurable policies No 
 Multiple attendance policies for different groupsNo 
 Flexi hours supportYes 
 Customizable weekendsNo 
 Penalize unauthorized absence, late in, early out, shortfall, etc.No 
Attendance processing Yes 
 Automatic daily attendance processingYes 
 Continuous absence alertsYes 
 Attendance regularization workflowYes 
 Month end HR review & finalization facilityNo 
 Manual override facilityYes 
 Attendance muster generationYes 
Expense Claims Management No 
Highly Customizable Business rules No 
 Configure multiple Claim headsNo 
 Extensive support for business rules on limits & reviewersNo 
 Multiple Claims form supportNo 
Expense Claims processing No 
 Tour advances request and reviewNo 
 Online Workflow for claims by employeeNo 
 Multiple approval matrix based on Claim types and amountsNo 
 Batch payment optionsNo 
 Multiple modes of paymentsNo 
Employee Portal Yes 
Employee Portal - Core HR No 
 Social HRYes 
 ESS portal - Help DeskYes 
 Employee DirectoryYes 
 Access to own documents & lettersNo 
 Access to company policies, handbook, forms, etc.Yes 
 Access to own employee informationYes 
 Mobile app for employees and managersYes 
Employee Portal - Leave No 
 Leave application and reviewYes 
 Leave grant, Comp-off grant workflowsNo 
 Leave cancellation workflowYes 
 Online Leave balances & detailsYes 
 Team leave informationNo 
Employee Portal - Payroll Yes 
 Online payslipsYes 
 Reimbursement statementsNo 
 IT calculation statementNo 
 Payroll information like YTD, PF, etcNo 
 IT Proof Of InvestmentsNo 
 Online reimbursement claims & reviewNo 
 IT Savings & DeclarationsNo 
Employee Portal - Attendance Yes 
 Attendance regularization workflowYes 
 Reimbursement claimsNo 
 Detailed attendance informationNo 
 Team attendance information for managersYes 
 Real time attendance status (who's in, who's late)No 
General Features Yes 
Mobile app for employees & managers Yes 
Excel Import & Export No 
 Extensive Excel import & export facilityYes 
User management No 
 Support for multiple usersYes2 - Owner and one more person. Else only for 1 person
 Fine grained role-based access control (RBAC)No 
 Password policy configurationYes 
 Social Authentication (Facebook, Google, Twitter)No 
 Detailed audit logging & reporting of all activitiesNo 
 IP whitelisting for access control to applicationNo 
Employee Self Onboarding No 
 Personalised & Paperless onboarding of employeesNo 
 Workflows for Admin reviewNo 
 Alerts and Reminders for employees and adminNo 
Task and Checklists No 
 Built-in checklistsNo 

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