How can manager apply for leave?

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Leave refers to a period of time when an employee is granted permission to be absent from work for various reasons, such as vacation, illness, personal matters, or other approved circumstances. 

To apply for leave, the manager must perform the following actions:

  1. From the greytHR ESS portal navigate to click Leave > Leave Apply.
  2. Under the Apply tab, from the Leave type dropdown list, select the relevant leave type. For example - select Sick Leave.
  3. Select From date and To date from the dropdown calendars and select their respective Sessions from the dropdown list.
    Note: After you select the dates and sessions, the system displays the number of days for which you have applied for leave. 
  4. The Applying to search box automatically displays your reporting manager. You can also enter the name to search for the person manually in the search box.
  5. Click Add (+) icon and select the employee to add any employee whom you wish to notify the details of your leave application as CC.
  6. In the Contact details text box, enter your contact number.
  7. In the Reason text box, enter a reason for taking leave.
  8. Click Attach file to attach any leave-related documents.
  9. From the Stand-in Employee search box, enter the name or number of an employee who can take responsibility for your work during your absence.
    Note: This Stand-in Employee option is applicable only for the configured leave types by the greytHR admin on the Leave Rules page. The leave reviewers can also override your selection if required. 
  10. From the Opt for the leave salary advance (custom field) option, select Yes/No.
    Note: This custom field option is applicable only for the configured leave types by the greytHR admin on the Leave Rules page. The manager can also choose to override your selection if required.
  11. Click Submit to apply for leave. A success message appears.

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