How can admin add/create groups for creating posts or polls?

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To actively participate or interact with Polls, the admin needs to create groups.

A group consists of people who share common interests, characteristics, or activities. Groups play a significant role in polls. The admin can assign specific employees to a group, and the comments posted within each group are exclusively visible to its members. For example, groups can be created based on designations, departments, locations, and other criteria. To create a group, the admin must perform the following actions:

  1. From the greytHR Admin portal, click Engage. The Engage page opens.

  2. Under the GROUPS section, click + Add Group to create a new group. A page opens and displays a list of the groups created. You can disable, edit, and delete a group from this page. You can view the number of members in each group and the status of each group as Public/Private.

  3. Click Add Group to create a new group. A form page opens.

  4. In the Group Name text box, enter a name for the new group you want to create. 

  5. Under Who can view content?, select the Public/Private options as per your requirements.

    1. Public: If you want to create a group where all the employees can view the posts of the group, perform the following actions: 

      1. Select the Public- Anyone in this network option.

      2. Click Create Group to create the group. A success message appears.

    2. Private: If you want to create a group where only selected employees can view the posts of the group, perform the following actions:

      1. Select the Private- Only approved members option. A list of employees appears.

      2. Click the Selected employees option.

      3. Select the employees using the check box adjacent to the employee name.

      4. Click the > arrow to move the selected employees to the right box. Moving the employees' names to the right side box confirms the list of employees you want to add to the group.
        Note: You can also use the Employee Filter option to select a particular category of employees.

      5. Click Create Group to create the group with the selected employees. A success message appears.

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