How can admin view and download the JV entries in Tally software?

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The admin can view the JV (Journal Voucher) entry in the Tally software after loading the category details and employee data. 

To view the JV entry, the admin must perform the following actions:

  1. On the Gateway of Tally screen, from the Gateway of Tally card, click Display More Reports. The Display More Reports card opens.

  2. Under Accounting, select Accounts Books. The Accounts Books card opens.

  3. Under Registers, select Journal Register. The Journal Register screen opens.

  4. Select the required month for which you have created the JV and press Enter. The Voucher Register screen appears.

  5. Select the required JV from the List of All Journal Vouchers and press Enter. The Accounting Voucher Alteration screen appears displaying the JV entries.

  6. Press the alt+e keys on your keyboard or click the E: Export tab available on the top menu bar to export the JV entries. A dropdown list appears.

  7. Under Reports, select Current. The Export pop-up appears.
    Note: We recommend you to check the details such as File FormatExport to, and Folder Path before you click Export.

  8. Click Configure. The Export Configuration card with the List of Configurations appears.

  9. Under Voucher Details, select Show Cost Center details and press Enter to select Yes.

  10. Under Export Settings, select File Format and press Enter. The Export Settings pop-up appears. 

  11. In File Format, select the required format from the List of File Formats and press Enter. You will be redirected to the Export Configuration pop-up.

  12. Under Export Settings, select Folder Path and press Enter. The Export Settings pop-up with List of Folders appears.

  13. Select Select from Drive and specify the required path to save the JV entries on your system. 

  14. Press Enter. You will be redirected to the Export Configuration pop-up.

  15. Press the escape key on your keyboard. You will be redirected to the Export pop-up where you can check the path details.

  16. Click Export. The screen displays the Accounting Voucher Display progress card.

Note: The exported file is saved in the file format of your choice on the path you have defined. 

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