How can admin extract the Payroll JV for a month (load the category details and employee data) in Tally?

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Once the admin completes the API configuration, the Payroll JV for a month can be extracted. To extract such data the admin must customize the Get Category Type, Get Category Values, and Get Employee options.

To generate such data, the admin must perform the following actions:

  1. On your Tally software dashboard, in the Gateway of Tally card, click Display More Reports. The Display More Reports card opens.

  2. Under Exception, click greytHR Integration. The greytHR Integration card opens.

  3. Under Utility, select Get Category Type. The Get Category Type pop-up opens.

  4. Select Yes. The Updating Category pop-up appears displaying the update.

  5. Select Get Category Values. The Get Transition Type Data? pop-up appears.

  6. Select Yes. The Get Category Values pop-up appears.

  7. Select Yes. A pop-up appears displaying the update.
    Note: During this process, all the category values are loaded along with the category type.

  8. Select Get EmployeeWould you like to get employee data from greytHR? pop-up appears.

  9. Select Yes to load the employee data for JV entry.

  10. Select Payroll Journal Integration to post JV entries for a particular month. The Payroll Journal Info pop-up appears. Enter the following data:

    1. In Voucher Posting Date, enter the date as the last day of the month and press Enter.

    2. In Salary for Month, enter the required month and press Enter.

    3. In Narration, enter some information for your reference and press Enter. The Category Type List pop-up appears.

    4. In Category Type, select All Items if JV is based on all the category values.
      Note: You can also select other category values as per your requirements.

    5. In Category Value, enter the category values, if JV is needed based on a particular category value. Would you like to fetch salary for the month? pop-up appears.

    6. Select Yes. A success message appears.

After extracting the Payroll JV for a month, you will now be able to view the posted JV entry in the Accounts Books of the Journal Register

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