How can employee submit proof of investment (POI) in greytHR?

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Proof of investment is a yearly process, where you must provide necessary documents as proof for your investments. This is an important step in planning and saving your income tax. 

To submit POI, the employee must perform the following actions.

  1. On the Proof Of Investment page, click Let's get started. This option is available only for first-time users. You will be redirected to the Overview tab of the POI page. The Overview tab displays all the POI components required to submit your POI declaration. 
  2. Click the arrow (→) against a component to fill in item details. You can also directly click on the POI Components menu available on the left side of your screen.
  3. You will be redirected to the selected POI page component. Click +Add against a component to add related details. The component bar expands.
    Note: On the Proof of Investment page, you can also view the component-wise details such as the total amount declared and the maximum exemption allowed for the selected component.
  4. Specify the amount in the Declare Amount text box. 
  5. Under Attach Proof, attach the proof of investment for the selected component. You can attach the proof in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format. The maximum file size allowed per file is 15 MB. 
  6. Similarly, fill in all the applicable component forms.
  7. Click Review and Submit to review the form. You will be redirected to the Overview tab. The Overview tab now displays the count for items you have declared, items for which you have attached proofs, and items for which proofs are not attached. Under POI Components, you can view the components for which you have not added any proof. Adding an attachment is mandatory to Submit POI
  8. Click Submit POI to submit the POI declaration.
  9. After submitting POI, the Overview tab displays more information such as Declared Items, Reviewed, and Approved, etc. You can also track the Status and Remarks of each item individually. Status can be Pending, Approved, Rejected, and Overridden.
  10. To view the detailed status of each component, click the arrow (→) or click the component name. You can then view the details such as Declared Amount, Approved Amount, Remarks, and Status regarding the selected POI Components.

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